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The Church is Dying.

The Ancient Church carried a message that could not be silenced. Using Jesus’ words, Christians fearlessly sought to convert unbelievers into faithful followers. 

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Opponents tried to crush the Church, but believers knew they were the Body of a Christ who could not die. In Chapter 1, “The Problem of Not Doing,” from Without Flesh, discover the threats we face and the death of conviction in our current culture. 

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Without Flesh

In American Christianity, the “change or die” refrain has become a creed. Unless the Church finds a way to adapt to a changing culture, Christianity is fully and rightly doomed. In Without Flesh, author Jonathan Fisk insists that our times are nothing new. And that Jesus gave us a specific plan.

Not a guess. Not a gimmick. Not a gamble.

A plan.

“Do this,” He said.

Jonathan Fisk

Rev. Jonathan Fisk

Reverend Jonathan Fisk is senior pastor of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and School in Rockford, Illinois. He is known for his work on YouTube and in radio media, as well as for his books, Broken: 7 “Christian” Rules That Every Christian Ought to Break as Often as Possible and Echo: Unbroken Truth. Worth Repeating. Again.