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You don’t have to travel across the world to be a missionary.

Your mission field is wherever you are right now.

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What should you do with your life?

In Wherever Love May Lead: Your Place in God’s Plan, explore how God is calling you to live out your unique vocations as a Christian woman. As you read about people in the Bible and in the current world who responded to God’s call, you’ll look at your own life and search out how and where God is calling you.

Structured with short daily study and a weekly review, this women’s Bible study guides you with Scripture verses, anecdotes, questions, journal prompts, and prayer—all pointing you to God, the creator and designer of your unique purpose in His great plan.

By the end of the study, we are prepared to pray, God, what do you want me to do? Ready, and open to hear His response.

—Shelley Moeller, LWML Vice President of Gospel Outreach 2013–2017

About the Author


Catherine Duerr is thoroughly enjoying her most recent vocation, being a grandma. In fact, she did some of the final edits on this book while holding her infant grandson. Duerr and her husband, Steve, live in Bakersfield, California, with their youngest child. They also enjoy exploring new areas while visiting their oldest three children.