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“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…”

Matthew 28:19

Trust. Seek. Follow.

Discipleship sounds like a big, daunting task. There are so many seminars, meetings, programs, and more to go. What if discipleship was simpler than that? Much simpler. Rev. Ted Doering proposes a new definition of discipleship: simply trusting, seeking, and following Jesus. 

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Discovering Discipleship through:







The Spirit takes your head back to the Word so it can transform your heart around Christ and guides your hands to live out a life filled with His love. 

Discipleship in Community

Jesus’ disciples didn’t travel this road alone. Grab a friend, or two, or twelve, to study this book together. Your group can be as small as your immediate family or as big as your church. The end of each chapter includes a “Discipleship Community” portion to encourage communication within your group and exercises to help you practice discipleship outside your group.

“Scripturally saturated and super practical, Walking Together will lead readers to a richer understanding of authentic discipleship. Doering leads us to see that at its core, discipleship is fueled by the Gospel, rooted in Word and worship, and best lived out in community. You’ll love the questions at the end of each chapter, that makes this a very group-friendly book. If you’ve been looking for a resource that helps you better follow Jesus, this is the road map for you!” Brian Davies, pastor, Lord of Glory Lutheran Church, author of Connected to Christ: Overcoming Isolation through Community

“Ted Doering is a master at helping others reframe the question; in this case, the question of discipleship. He reminds the reader that the tools of discipleship are already at our disposal, including the truths of God’s Word, the rhythm of the church’s liturgy, and the vocations into which we have been placed. This book is another reminder of why Lutheran theology and practice can prepare everyone to be a disciple of Jesus.” Dr. Donald Christian, President and CEO of Concordia University Texas

“The mark of a good teacher is the ability to take a complex topic and make it understandable for the everyday person. With humor and relatable stories, Ted takes the intimidating topic of discipleship and makes accessible the process of trusting Jesus’ promises and following Him. Walking Together marries deep theological truths with practical next steps. It’s a great read for all who want to grow in their journey with Jesus and invite others along!” Mark T. Pulliam, pastor and church planter, Lazarus Church


About the Author

Ted Doering is an author, pastor, and church planter in central Texas. Through woodworking and home improvement projects, he has discovered that if you are willing to be bad at something, you might just become good at it. He is blessed by parents and mentors who have walked alongside him in discipling relationships and have taught him many of the lessons written down in this book. Married to Chelsey, he enjoys spending his time with her around good friends, baseball, and the outdoors.

“A life of discipleship is not easy. It will be full of mistakes and missteps. But Jesus gives us Baptism so that we do not despair. We are His children, bought at a price. The first mark of a disciple comes from outside the self. It is a sacramental gift Jesus gives to us. He claims us.” —Chapter One

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