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Who said apologetics have to be difficult?

How do you share the truths of God’s Word when many people don’t see the Bible as trustworthy? How do you respond to people who say they only believe in what they can see?

Apologetics is the fancy term for defending the Christian faith. Whether you’re arguing for the existence of God or answering questions about evil in the world, The Reason I Believe will strengthen your defense of Christianity.

“A remarkable contribution to the defence of biblical faith. . . . Focused, literary, and solid in Reformation scholarship.”

—Dr. John Warwick Montgomery, International Academy of Apologetics, Evangelism, and Human Rights, Strasbourg, France

“The word apologetics scares a lot of people, because they think that refers to an exceedingly intellectual treatment of complex matters. Such is not the case with this book.”

—Dr. Joel Heck, Professor of Theology, Concordia University Texas


Allen Quist is a researcher, author, and writer whose passion is Christian apologetics. He is an adjunct professor of apologetics at Bethany Lutheran Theological Seminary, Mankato, Minnesota, and a member of the Committee on Doctrine for the Evangelical Lutheran Synod. Allen and his wife live in rural St. Peter, Minnesota, and are blessed with ten children and forty-six grandchildren.

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