There was a time when Simon knew nothing about the Message or what it meant to be a Messenger. Now, he has seen firsthand the cost of preserving the truth and upholding the light in the darkness.

Simon’s life is in constant danger, and that brings peril to those he loves. He has been beaten, battered, and betrayed. Now, he struggles with knowing who he can trust. How can he protect others when he has already lost so much?

Time is running out, and the end is drawing near. Who will survive the battle?

There’s a truth out there that must be revealed. Join Simon and the Messengers as they risk their lives to share it.

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The Messengers Revealed

“An edgy, high adventure novel that captures readers from the first chapter.”
Jennifer Janssen, former high school English teacher and current home schooling mother of 5th and 6th graders

“Lisa’s ability to tackle tough subjects seamlessly within the narrative, along with the use of Scripture and hymnody, leaves the reader with the hope that only God in Christ can give.”
Elizabeth Ahlman, author of Demystifying the Proverbs 31 Woman and Ruth: More than a Love Story

“High appreciation to the author for using the dystopia genre to paint a picture of the urgency to spread the Gospel message to a dying world.”
Elizabeth Decker, LCMS teacher

“Clark weaves the page-turning lore of dystopian literature with the never-changing Truth of Scripture. My students were hooked from the first chapter.”
Faith Wiechers, 8th-grade homeroom/middle school English language arts, St. Paul Lutheran School, Napoleon, Ohio


Book 1


The government tells fifteen-year-old Simon Clay everything he needs to know. Except what really happened to his mom. And why no one can go out at night. And why the Darkness is so dangerous.

By day, Simon pushes against every boundary there is. And by night, secret visitors and hidden messages make him question everything his life entails.

There’s a truth out there to be discovered, a truth the government will stop at nothing to stamp out. Join Simon and the Messengers as they risk their lives to protect it.

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The Messengers Concealed

Book 2


As soon as Simon discovered the Messengers, he set out to bring the truth they preserve to light. But the government calls this rogue organization the Darkness and is determined to do whatever it takes to conceal, even eliminate, everything the Messengers know.

Coping with consequences and clouded with conflict, Simon tries to navigate the perilous city of Westbend and his life as an outcast. Simon needs the Messengers now more than ever, because lurking in the shadows is an ever-present threat that drives the resistance deeper underground.

There’s a truth out there that is being concealed. Join Simon and the Messengers as they risk their lives to protect it.

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About the Author


Lisa M. Clark is an editor and writer. As a former high school teacher, she has great respect for teenagers and enjoys engaging with them about God’s Word. She has a bachelor’s degree from Concordia University, Nebraska, and a master’s from the University of Missouri, St. Louis. She is the author of Discovered and Revealed, the other books in the Messengers series.