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Take Heart

Real life can be a real mess.

This book won’t tell you that your anxious thoughts will go away if you have more faith or that your anxious thoughts are indicative of spiritual immaturity. Instead, author Lindsay Hausch is here to remind you that our God meets us where we are. In this women’s small-group study, be enriched with the truth of the Lord and know His power is made perfect in weakness.

So, take heart. We’re made whole in love.

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Up, In, Out


The Heart of God

In our anxiousness, we need peace and stability outside of ourselves. Remember, the Creator of the universe loved you so much He sent His Son to die for you. Pause and wonder at how God has so much love for you that He works through your ongoing struggles to transform you.


The Heart of Community

Entering into new relationships can be anxiety inducing. We desire more depth in our relationships, but we don’t know how to get there. Relationships are built conversation by conversation. We accumulate depth in small deposits but need a solid foundation. This is where we look to God to guide our hearts to Christ as He forms our hearts toward one another.


The Heart of Calling

When we shift our thoughts away from our own circumstances and abilities and toward God’s blessings and opportunity, we uncover how God invites us to live out our callings each and every day. Embrace God’s adventure for you as you shed expectations and lean on the Lord.


This study fills you up without weighing you down. Packed with relatable, personal insight and a deep grasp of God’s Word, Lindsay speaks deeply and directly to anxious hearts. She meets you in the realities of anxiety, equips you to reflect and to do the work of wrestling with your fears, and then invites you—at every turn—to rest in the finished and forever work of Jesus. This study is such a timely, compassionate, and truly helpful resource. Matt Popovits, Pastor and author of Tough Call: A Little Book on Making Big Decisions

Many Christians wrestle daily with insecurity, perfectionism, and worry, and some experience seasons or a lifelong battle with anxiety and depression. Take Heart walks a beautiful balance of deep honesty about these struggles and the celebration of God’s constant love, grace, and presence. Hausch doesn’t dismiss the daily impact of anxiety and worry. Instead, she leans into how God can powerfully use it to direct us back to Christ and then into service to one another. This study doesn’t give easy answers. Instead, it opens up important conversations and points us to God’s Word and Sacraments for hope. Julianna Shults, DCE, Program Manager, LCMS Youth Ministry

In her book Take Heart: God’s Comfort for Anxious Thoughts, Lindsay Hausch reminds us that we are not alone. She tells of the importance of connection with both God and with the people that He has placed in our lives as a means of comfort and support. While painting a beautiful canvas of God’s love for us, Lindsay gives us modern tools for coping with daily stressors: God, people, rest, and the courage to be vulnerable. For anyone who struggles with anxious thoughts, this is a must-read! Nancy Barton, Counselor, Lifeline Professional Counseling Services

Anxiety is so often kept shushed as a private issue, or disparaged as a lack of faith, and so it is wonderful that Lindsay Hausch has fought through her own life circumstances to bring the topic to the table for open, hope-filled conversation. For many believers, anxiety is a staccato spiral that forms the background soundtrack to their everyday attempts to “get it all together.” Lindsay offers an understanding, sympathetic perspective, and meets the noise of anxiety, beat for beat, with a steadying rhythm of grace and the resounding truth of who we are in Christ Jesus. Deaconess Kristina Paul, Director of Care and Women’s Ministries, Salem Lutheran Church and School St. Louis, MO

Meet the Author

Lindsay Hausch

Lindsay Hausch loves mentoring women, supporting and partnering with her husband, a full-time pastor, and staying at home with her three littles. In her cracks of free time, she devours books and wrestles to write meaningful words. Follow her journey at lindsayhausch.com or find her on Facebook; she loves making new friends.


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