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Speaking Boldly

We all could be more confident about sharing God’s Word with the people in our lives. But we often feel ill-prepared and anxious, or we believe someone else will tell them later. In Speaking Boldly: Sharing God’s Word Every Day, learn how to feel more confident about speaking the Word of God with the help of the Holy Spirit in everyday life.

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It is still our vocation to speak His Word while in the workplace. We do this knowing that it’s all God’s job.



We tend to speak differently at home than we would elsewhere. Our words are even more powerful in this space and can cultivate a deeper faith.



At church, we have the chance to grow in faith while hearing the Word, but we also get to be a part of speaking Law and Gospel to others.



We are called to follow Christ in this sinful world. Sometimes this feels like a tug-of-war. Be reminded of simple ways to speak the Word of God to your neighbors.

“I know you might be scared to speak God’s Word with other people. I know you may feel like you don’t know enough about the Bible, or are afraid you might get into an argument with someone you care about, or are worried you may have someone who mocks what you say about God, Jesus and the Bible. For all of us out here though who didn’t grow up in the church, or had parents who spoke the faith to us, or who never went to VBS, I want to thank you for being willing to speak God’s Word to us even though you might be a little scared, or afraid or even worried. I tell you the truth, your sacrifice will pay off, because God is still working wonders through His spoken Word shared by everyday people just like you!”

-from the Letter to the Reader



Meet the Author

Rev. Dr. Edward O. Grimenstein is the current pastor at Zion Lutheran Church in Bridgeville, PA. He previously served as the associate executive director at LCMS International Mission in St. Louis, MO, where he directed missionary and pastoral work for 35 countries. He served as an active duty U.S. Army Chaplain for seven years, and prior to that served in two parishes. He is 44 years old and a graduate of Concordia Seminary in Fort Wayne (1999). He has two Master’s degrees and a doctorate in preaching.