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Author Neal E. Snider assumes the voice of Luther, penning fictional letters from the Reformer to you.

“Keep the faith.”

Luther didn’t and can’t write letters directly to you—but in this fictional collection of writings from the Reformer, you can feel like you’re hearing his life story directly from him.

A unique blend of theology, biography, and published writings, these letters give accessible insight to the life of one of the most influential people in history.

In these letters, Luther. . . shares a bit about his early life, his inner struggles with his relationship to God, his contest with the powerful Roman Church of his day, and his life vis-a-vis the political rulers that both threatened and protected him.

(From the Preface)

“Even if you have heard it before, even if you already know the end of the story, it is a lot of fun to hear [Neal Snider] tell it. While he is telling it, let Luther take you into the old, old story—the oldest and best.”

(From the Foreword)