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Brief booklets packed with powerful explanations. 

How does Baptism work? What are the differences between Christian denominations? How does Christ offer us everlasting life? Sold in packs of 20, each A Simple Explanation pamphlet provides solid, scriptural guidance on various Christian topics, making them perfect for outreach programs, new member classes, and in church pews. 

Newest Titles


A Simple Explanation of Christian Symbols

The symbols of Christianity are seen everywhere, especially in a church. Although some symbols, such as the crucifix, are well known, others can be confusing or rarely seen. Learn about the symbols of Christianity and the Lutheran Church in this booklet.

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A Simple Explanation of Angels

Image of angels can be found on all corners of social media. But how are angels truly portrayed in God’s Word? Is it the same as artistic depictions? Explore the meaning of angels from a Scriptural perspective, in contrast to pop culture's interpretation.

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A Simple Explanation of Christmas

Most parts of the world celebrate Christmas on December 25, but what is the true celebration? How secular has Christmas become and how can you start celebrating the true meaning of Christmas? Read about the events leading up to Christ’s birth to understand the miracle of Christmas.

A Simple Explanation of Christmas will be available to preorder in late April 2021.

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