Brief booklets packed with powerful explanations. 

How does Baptism work? What are the differences between Christian denominations? How does Christ offer us everlasting life? Sold in packs of 20, each A Simple Explanation pamphlet provides solid, scriptural guidance on various Christian topics, making them perfect for outreach programs, new member classes, and in church pews. 

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A Simple Explanation of Church History

The Christian Church has a rich, yet complex history. To understand the modern church though, it’s important to dig into this history and see where traditions have come from. This booklet helps to explain Church History, starting from the Early Church in 30AD, all the way to the Modern Church.

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A Simple Explanation of Confession

Confession can be a difficult concept for anyone to understand, especially as it changes between Christian denominations. What sins should be confessed? Where does God’s forgiveness come from? What qualifies a pastor to forgive sins? Answer all these questions and more in this booklet.

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A Simple Explanation of Prayer

Prayer is known in both Christian and non-Christian circles, but Christian prayer is unique. God asks all of His children to come to Him in prayer, no matter the topic or the time, and He offers His own words for our prayers. How do you know what to pray, or when? Is there a specific way to pray? God has answers. Learn more in this booklet on Christian prayer.

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