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Brief booklets packed with powerful explanations. 

How does Baptism work? What are the differences between Christian denominations? How does Christ offer us everlasting life? Sold in packs of 20, each A Simple Explanation pamphlet provides solid, scriptural guidance on various Christian topics, making them perfect for outreach programs, new member classes, and in church pews. 

Newest Titles


A Simple Explanation of Church and State

As Christians we all have dual citizenship: here on Earth and in Heaven above. Each realm has its own set of rules, leaving Christians stuck in the middle figuring out who or what to follow. See what the separation between Church and State means and how to navigate it as a Christian.


A Simple Explanation of Fellowship in the Lord’s Supper

What is Closed Communion and why is it important to the Lutheran Church? Should churches avoid Closed Communion in order to be open and inviting? Read about this historic tradition and understand the value of keeping communion the way it was given to God's people.


A Simple Explanation of the Church Year

The Church calendar varies from the secular calendar, making it difficult for new Christians to follow at first. Why does the Church Year start in December? What traditions take place during each season? Help new Christians understand the importance of the Church Year in this easy-to-follow booklet.

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