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    Conversations about sex, purity, and life issues should happen regularly—and God equips everyone in the lives of youths to share His truth with them.

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    Teens hear a lot of conflicting viewpoints about sex.

    The world tells them to follow their heart and do what feels right—that sex isn’t a big deal, that pornography isn’t harmful, that modesty is old-fashioned.

    But that’s not how God designed sex. Sex is a precious and sacred gift to be enjoyed in the right context, according to God’s design.

    Sexuality Mentality encourages parents, pastors, teachers, and youth workers to have honest conversations with youth about pornography, self-pleasure, homosexuality, modesty, the value of human life, and, yes, sex.

    “You hold in your hands an amazing tool; a battle plan filled with truth, with instruction, with clear marching orders. . . . I pray that you will not simply read this amazing book, but that you will put into practice the wisdom it contains.”

    (From the Foreword, by Pam Stenzel, M.A., Senior Regional Clinic Director of Community Pregnancy Clinics, Inc.)

    Heather Ruesch is a well-respected life issues speaker and singer/songwriter. She is passionate about youth and about being a voice of God’s truth in their lives. Heather is an abstinence educator and certified pregnancy center advocate and has served as executive director of crisis pregnancy centers. She and her husband Matt have three children and live in Michigan.