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God is calling you to return.

This Lent, pause and reflect on how you have strayed from the Lord. Accept the open invitation and go back to the Savior.

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Follow the Passion narrative and its practical applications for those who walked alongside Jesus as He carried out God’s grace and mercy for all. Listeners will reflect on their own sinful nature, understand how they have turned away, and delight in God’s call to return to Him wholeheartedly.

“Return to the LORD your God, for He is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and abounding in steadfast love.”
(Joel 2:13)


Children’s Calendar

This Lenten calendar includes daily Scripture readings, prayers, and activities to complete with family members. Sold in packs of 50.

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Additional Items in the Series


Preaching and Worship Resources    

The rich text files include ten sermons, seven Bible studies, seven children’s messages, a media kit, one hymn, and a choice of creative or traditional worship options.


Daily Devotions

This Lent, explore 47 daily devotions to see how God is calling you back to Him. Each devotion includes two Bible verses, a one-page message, and a short prayer.



Tie everything together with Return to the Lord bulletins. Each includes stunning exterior imagery and a blank interior. Sold in packs of 100. Each bulletins is  8.5'' × 11.''

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Midweek Themes


Ash Wednesday

A Call to Return (Matt. 6:1–6, 16–21)

Midweek of Lent 1

Return to Prayer (Matt. 36:36–46)

Midweek of Lent 2

Return from Betrayal (John 18:1–11)

Midweek of Lent 3

Return from False Witness (Matt. 26:57–68)

Midweek of Lent 4

Return from Denial (Luke 22:54–62)

Midweek of Lent 5

Return to the Kingdom of God (John 18:28)

Holy Thursday

Return to the Table (Mark 14:12–26)

Good Friday

Return to the Truth (John 19:1–16)

Easter Vigil

Return to the Church (John 19:28-37)

Easter Sunday

Return and See (Matt. 28:1–10)

About the Series Authors

Rev. Eric Longman

Rev. Eric Longman serves as senior pastor at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Rogers, Arkansas.

Rev. David Lindberg

Rev. David Lindberg servers as pastor at Peace Lutheran Church in Rapid City, South Dakota.

Rev. Erik Rottmann

Rev. Erik Rottmann serves as pastor at Grace Lutheran Church in Versailles, Missouri.

Download a sample of the Daily Devotions and the Preaching & Worship Series.