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4,105 hours per year.

That’s the average amount of time an American spends with technology. With a bit of math, that’s 45% of your year spent in front of a screen. Have you considered how all that time is affecting both your spiritual and physical well-being? The pastor-psychiatrist team of Rev. A. Trevor Sutton and Dr. Brian Smith help you find a balance between using technology in this digital age and staying focused on Christ in Redeeming Technology. Download a free sample >

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Included in Redeeming Technology:

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What Others Are Saying

"The negative impact of our society’s addiction to digital media is ubiquitous in our homes, schools, and even our churches. In response to this, Rev. Sutton and Dr. Smith have written a book that is exceedingly well-researched, engaging, and even inspirational. A practical guide to dealing with digital media using a God-centered approach, it should be required reading for Christian parents of children of all ages."Dr. Anthony Youn, best-selling author of The Age Fix, physician, and social media influencer.

"There are many good books that offer Christians wise words of caution about the role of technology in our lives, but Redeeming Technology goes beyond that by offering practical suggestions on how our approach to and use of technology can be a beautiful expression of our love for God and the many neighbors in our lives. The book is a great source of personal learning and also an excellent resource for small-group study and discussion." Bernard Bull, president of Concordia University Nebraska

"A psychiatrist and a pastor tell us about the mental and spiritual effects of technology. They do so in a lively and eye-opening book full of research, anecdotes, and lore. While showing that technology changes us in some harmful ways, Rev. Sutton and Dr. Smith are not digital Luddites. Rather, they show us how—through the Gospel—we can break our addictions to the misuse of technology and use it for good." Gene Edward Veith Jr., author of Spirituality of the Cross

"Redeeming Technology is all about Jesus. Sutton and Smith unpack a Christ-centered view about technology and explore diverse connections to the Scriptures, without ignoring health science. . . . In this sense, Redeeming Technology invites us to regard technology as part of the human plot of creation, fall, and redemption."Rev. Mário Rafael Fukue, chaplain at ULBRA-Brasil and professor at Seminário Concórdia, Brasil

About the Authors

A. Trevor Sutton

Rev. A. Trevor Sutton is senior pastor at St. Luke Lutheran Church in Lansing, Michigan. He holds an MDiv from Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri, and an MA in digital rhetoric from Michigan State University. He has written and spoken about technology and Christianity for various publications and is the author of several books, including Being Lutheran and Authentic Christianity.

Brian Smith, MD

Dr. Brian Smith, MD, is an author, professor, and psychiatrist in Michigan with over twenty years of experience working with children and their families. He has directly witnessed the impact of digital technology, especially social media, on the mental health of his patients. His Christian faith provides the vision and power to best help those in crisis, while feeling personally renewed through this service. Married to Sara and father to Brandon, Hannah, and Casey, he was a genius who could do no wrong until his own children became teenagers.

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