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Redeemed: Our Lives as Sinners and Saints by Dan Hoppen

We’re all sinners.

No matter your sins, your shortcomings, or your mess-ups, you’ve been redeemed through the death and resurrection of Jesus. Study beloved biblical characters and their stories to see how God reacts to sin yet still loves and works through His chosen people.  Download a free sample >

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Even the Bible’s greatest heroes stumbled.


“That’s right: the pillars of our faith—Moses, David, Peter, Paul, the whole gang—all ran away from God. As faith-filled and inspirational as these people were, they lost their way at times too, and yet God didn’t abandon them. He empowered them to do incredible things and change the world. 
The good news, dear reader, is that no matter how many times you’ve turned away from God or how many times you have sinned, He loves you.”

“Too often, the beloved heroes of the Bible are exalted to a saintly standard one should emulate. . . . Author Dan Hoppen pulls down these impossible ideals from their respective pedestals. His conversational style and humorous pop-culture whit make seemingly unrelatable figures more relatable to contemporary readers.”Rev. Eric T. Eichinger, Senior Pastor, Bethel Lutheran Church, Clearwater, FL

“Dan Hoppen brings the Word of God and love of Jesus to life through his whimsical and exquisite writing. This book is a novel, Bible study, must-read, and must-share all in one.”Rev. Greg S. Griffith, Lead Pastor, King of Kings, Omaha, NE

“Author Dan Hoppen walks the reader through fourteen easily identifiable, highly relatable sin trails while bringing the reader to the only place of consolation—the cross. . . . This is a tremendous resource for the individual who is willing to let down their guard, search their heart, and allow the Word of God to bring peace and forgiveness to their messy world!” Rev. Dr. Jeffrey E. Skopak, Senior Pastor, Grace Lutheran Church and School, Jacksonville, FL

“Dan Hoppen explores the contours of justification and sanctification as each chapter meditates on a moment in the life of God’s people, who fail and yet are redeemed. For Christians who know the struggle of sin, even after Baptism, this book speaks an apt word of love and grace.” Rev. Jacob Schultz, Pastor, Concordia Lutheran Church, Kirkwood, MO

Dan Hoppen is the director of small groups at King of Kings Church in Omaha, Nebraska. He is a career writer and has published God’s Broken Heroes. He is married to his incredible wife, Sarah, and is a foodie who is always up for trying out a new restaurant.

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