Find Peace in God’s Name

As a Christian, you know God by many names. Heavenly Father, Creator, Yahweh, and so many more. But do you know Him by the characteristics of His biblical names? Dig into His names to find peace from the worries of the world, and hold onto His name in times of hardship and anxiety.

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“I created this study as a meditation on the various names and characteristics of God to deepen your understanding of Him and your identity as His child. The names of God reveal important aspects of His character as well as how He relates to you—His beloved child—and how He offers the peace we all crave so much.”

—from the Introduction

Eight Names and Characteristics

Elohim: Mighty, powerful

Abba: The closest word for Abba in the English language is “Papa” or “Daddy”

El Roi: The God who sees me

El Shaddai: Sustainer, all-sufficient

Jir’eh: Yahweh will see to it 

Shalom: God is peace

Yahweh Ra’ah: The Lord is my Shepherd

Immanuel: God with us

The study Promised Rest has blessed me with deep insights into who God is. I love how Michelle uses God’s words and modern-day stories to illustrate His power, love, and grace. This study will help you rest in the promises of your Savior as you learn more about who He is and what He has done for you. Christina Hergenrader, author of Inspired by the Holy Spirit: Four Habits for Faithful Living

In a world increasingly filled with chaos and uncertainty, Michelle Diercks’s insightful book draws us back to the source of true peace and security—the character of God conveyed through His biblical names. Part autobiography, part exegetical study, and part devotional, this timely and engaging resource will bless individuals and small groups. Rev. Dr. Jeffrey Leininger, university pastor, Concordia University Chicago

In Promised Rest, author Michelle Diercks gently guides you to the place where peace is found—to the One who provides real rest. You’ll find engaging questions, journaling space, visual faith illustrations, and so much more in this outstanding resource. Receive rest in the peace of God’s presence. Deb Burma, Christian speaker and author of Joy: A Study of Philippians, Be Still and Know: A Study of Rest and Refuge, and more.


About the Author

Michelle Diercks earned a bachelor of arts degree from Concordia University in St. Paul, Minnesota, and served as a director of Christian education. As a professional and as a volunteer, she has taught God’s Word for more than thirty years. Michelle is the podcast host of Peace in His Presence. She and her husband are the parents of two sons and live in Iowa.

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