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That one thing that’s keeping you from a fuller life. Is it a habit to break? a goal to accomplish? a lingering project to complete?

In Donna Pyle’s new women’s Bible study on the Book of Nehemiah, see how persevering with single-minded focus can help you recognize your idols and trust in God alone to help you endure through life’s challenges.

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It’s time to do something about it.

Are you tired of being defeated by your one thing? Perhaps it’s time to take action. Through this eight-lesson journey, walk with Nehemiah from Persia to Jerusalem as God gives him the strength to persevere past seemingly insurmountable obstacles into His redeeming grace.

Nehemiah may not be the first biblical example who comes to mind when we talk about perseverance, but we look to his example to discern helpful steps we can apply on our one-thing journey. God, through the life of Nehemiah, provides insight into how we can respond to struggles in our lives.

Each session includes a video segment that digs deeper into Scripture and explores life application. For individual and group use.

This study includes eight online videos and a printed workbook. Preorder the workbook now; videos will become available when the study releases in June 2019.


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Donna Pyle

Donna Pyle is a popular speaker and author who has written more than thirty Bible studies and books. She frequently leads workshops and Bible study courses and is an active supporter of mission work.

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