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In this life, we’ll never be perfect.

We take one step toward perfection and two steps back, losing confidence in ourselves with each movement.

We might lose patience with ourselves—can’t we just be perfect already!?—but God gently smiles and continues walking with us.

God is slowly but consistently sanctifying you. He is patient with you. He loves you. And He declares you perfect in Christ.

“Our perfection is in God’s proclamation that we are not guilty; His proclamation is complete and perfect by the work of Christ.”

(From Chapter 1)


Daniel E. Paavola is a professor and pastor with the gifts of a storyteller. He is a professor of theology at Concordia University Wisconsin and previously served twelve years as pastor at St. Paul Lutheran Church in the town of Butternut, Wisconsin. Since age 14, Dan has loved riding motorcycles. He also enjoys driving his 1917 Ford Model T car, which he restored with his father. He is the author of Our Way Home: A Journey through the Lord’s Prayer.