Pastoral Leadership and Pastoral Care

They’re one in the same.

There’s a big difference between being present and engaged in one’s congregation and simply carrying out the basic necessities of the Office of Holy Ministry. A well-rounded pastor understands that in addition to the charge of the Office of Holy Ministry, he is also charged with being a present leader and an active participant in his congregation. Writing from over 20 years of ministry experience, Rev. Dr. Jamison J. Hardy invites you to learn more about how to be a phenomenal leader for your congregation.


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Personal Reflection

As you think about the ways you currently lead as a pastor, take time to reflect. Insightful questions at the end of each chapter of this book will help you identify with biblical figures, your day-to-day life, personal pain, areas of growth, and goals for the future.

Rast Lawrence

“In this volume, aimed specifically at pastoral leaders, Pastor Hardy writes from this conviction: pastoral leadership is pastoral care. While it is not, properly speaking, teaching the Gospel purely and administering the Sacraments according to Christ’s command (Augsburg Confession VII), it is inseparably bound up with supporting preaching and administration. Pastoral leadership supports the central pastoral acts. And that is where this volume shines.”

—from the Foreword by Lawrence R. Rast Jr., President of Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Praise for Pastoral Leadership

Any pastor genuinely concerned for faithfulness in his calling will glean not only a deeper understanding of the fertile terms that define his vocation but will discover insights that reveal the unique standing a pastor has as both under-shepherd and sheep to the one true God who has an intense burden of love for His flock. This love leads through the valley to still waters that restore. But this isn’t just happening on Sunday morning. It extends into the parish’s daily life through humble but confident leadership.
—Rev. Christopher I. Thoma, Senior Pastor of Our Savior Evangelical Lutheran Church and School, Hartland, Michigan

This book is a mature and winsome exploration of what life in the ministry looks like when God humbles His broken servants under spiritual attacks to sharpen them in the practice of faithful and effective spiritual care. Dr. Hardy draws powerful lessons from biblical narratives depicting leadership mishaps and blessings and his own pastoral ministry in the school of the Spirit we call the church.
—Rev. Dr. Leopoldo A. Sánchez M., Professor of Systematic Theology, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis

The most important aspect of Reverend Hardy's insightful book is that he recognizes upfront that pastors are leaders and to be truly effective, must embrace and implement principles of leadership in their ministry. As a former parish pastor, student of leadership, and District President, Reverend Hardy provides a unique perspective as to how leadership principles are at the forefront of one's pastoral vocation. He expertly describes how a pastor who embraces his role as a leader will have a more significant impact on his congregants and community then those who do not. Pastoral Leadership provides a wealth of techniques and strategies for pastors and their lay leaders to wrestle with and learn from. I highly recommend this book to all pastors, seminarians, congregational lay leaders, and those prayerfully discerning whether the Office of Ministry is their calling.
- Kurt Senske, Author of The CEO and the Board: The Art of Nonprofit Governance as a Competitive Advantage

About the Author

Rev. Dr. Jamison J. Hardy is president of the English District of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. He has a master of public administration in leadership and management, as well as a doctorate of business administration in leadership and finance. His pastoral leadership has been molded by numerous experiences, including service as an elected member of his local school board, assisting in the merger of two congregations, and serving on the board of directors as secretary for Lutheran Federal Credit Union.

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