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After miscarriage or infant loss, the question “why?” is on your lips and in your prayers. Only God can offer lasting comfort.

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Silent grief. Present God.

Miscarriage and infant loss can leave you overcome with grief—a sadness that drives you into yourself, convincing you that no one knows your pain.

In your grief, you want to

  • find meaning for the pain and loss and
  • find peace or resolve.

These nine stories of others who have suffered miscarriage and infant loss will encourage you to look to God’s Word for hope. His Word will offer you the comfort and joy that only Christ can bring.

Our heavenly Father remains present, merciful, faithful, and compassionate. You are never forsaken. God’s mercy is yours through the work of Christ Jesus in your life . . . and in your baby’s life.

This book will be helpful if you’ve experienced your own loss, or for the individual or congregation that wants to respond better to the mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers all around us who mourn, while still rejoice, with their child, in the arms of Christ.

Heidi Goehmann, deaconess and author

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Kathryn Ziegler Weber is a trained deaconess currently living and serving at Santa Trinidad in Miramar, Argentina. She has a BA in psychology from Concordia University, Nebraska, and an MA in theology from Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne.