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Millennials aren’t that confusing.

To some, they seem superficial, constantly using their smartphones for selfies. Others think Millennials are narcissistic, obsessed with likes. You might even think they’re—gasp!—unconcerned with the world around them.

But is this true? Are Millennials really as aloof as we make them out to be? And should that assumption prevent us from connecting with them and, more importantly, pointing them to Jesus? No and no!

“Loaded with the down-to-earth wit of authors who take the Gospel seriously and themselves lightly.”

—Rev. Matt Popovits, Pastor, of Our Saviour New York; Author of Tough Call: A Little Book on Making Big Decisions

“Ted and Chelsey write with a brave energy and a witty vitality.”

—Pastor Mark Hunsaker, Praise & Worship Lutheran Church, Branson, MO


Rev. Ted and Chelsey Doering are church planters who live just north of the Millennial mecca that is Austin, Texas. They enjoy cooking (Chelsey), barbecuing (Ted), working on house projects, and laughing at the antics of their dog, Gus.

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