Connection. Questions. Truth. It’s all packed into the little four-chapter Book of Colossians.

God fills you in every way through the Body of Christ—the Church. Download a free guide on making authentic community happen in the Church, and explore Heidi Goehmann’s new Bible study on Colossians, The Mighty & The Mysterious.

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The new Christians in first-century Colossae were not all that different from us today. They, too, struggled to understand who Jesus is, how Jesus alone reconciles us to God, and why things aren’t perfect in the Church.

In Paul’s letter to these Christians he had never met, he doesn’t say they should stop asking hard questions. He doesn’t tell them to stop searching God’s Word, to stop seeking spiritual wisdom, or to stop striving for unity within the Church. Instead, Paul focuses all of their questions and struggles on the Gospel of the mighty and mysterious God: the same God who created the universe, revealed Himself among us, and reclaimed us as His own through His Son, Jesus.

Walk with Heidi Goehmann through God’s Word to the Colossians and to you. Though many things will remain mysterious until we see our Savior face-to-face, you will discover that God takes care of you through the mighty and mysterious Body of Christ. That doesn’t make life together easy. But it does mean that life together connected to Jesus and one another is good and what we were created for.

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“For by Him all things were created. . . . He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.”

Colossians 1:16–17

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Heidi Goehmann is a licensed clinical social worker and mental health care provider, deaconess, writer, speaker, wife, mom, and advocate. She can always be found at advocating and providing resources for mental health and genuine relationship. Heidi loves her family, sticky notes, Jesus, adventure, Star Wars, Star Trek, and new ideas . . . not necessarily in that order.