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The Messengers: Concealed

Concealed is the second book in The Messengers series by Lisa M. Clark.

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“Clark’s second installment in The Messengers series continues drawing deep, eloquent connections between the historic Christian church and the modern life of believers.”
—Elisabeth Tessone, librarian

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As soon as Simon discovered the Messengers, he set out to bring the truth they preserve to light. But the government calls this rogue organization the Darkness and is determined to do whatever it takes to conceal, even eliminate, everything the Messengers know.

Coping with consequences and clouded with conflict, Simon tries to navigate the perilous city of Westbend and his life as an outcast. Simon needs the Messengers now more than ever, because lurking in the shadows is an ever-present threat that drives the resistance deeper underground.

There’s a truth out there that is being concealed. Join Simon and the Messengers as they risk their lives to protect it.

“A worthy continuation of The Messengers series and a welcome release for all those who have joined The Darkness.”

Timothy Koch, pastor and reviewer at TheBeggarsBlog.com

“Lisa Clark's continued tale of faith under persecution is at once timely and timeless.”

—Katie Schuermann, author and musician

“[The] latest edition to The Messengers series leaves us with the reality of the darker side of life and the questions that come out of facing this hard truth.”

—Deaconess Heidi Goehmann, writer, blogger, and speaker at I Love My Shepherd Ministries

Meet the Author

“Lisa Clark writes in a way that we will sit up and take notice that the world around us isn’t quite the way it’s supposed to be.”
The Messengers Author Lisa Clark

Lisa M. Clark

Lisa M. Clark is an editor and writer. As a former high school teacher, she has great respect for teenagers and enjoys engaging with them about God’s Word. She has a bachelor’s degree from Concordia University, Nebraska, and a master’s from the University of Missouri, St. Louis.


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