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You are meant to dance more, laugh more, sing more, pray more, learn more, care more. You are meant for more.

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Rev. John A. Nunes, author and president of Concordia New York, brings you personal narratives about what it means to live life to the fullest. He’ll help you grasp the tangible more that you should strive for, and meander through the more that God has already given you.

“You know that being meant for more means so much more than filling your life with mere matter, with material things, with stuff and possessions and power and pleasures and treasures. No. It means investing in those things that really matter, those things that last, like relationships and integrity and the personal touch and faith. It means valuing others because we never know when the next moment might be the last moment.”
– Rev. John A. Nunes


John Arthur Nunes, Ph.D., is a Lutheran pastor and the president of Concordia College—New York, a small Christian college with a diverse and global student body. Previously, John served as the President and CEO of Lutheran World Relief (Baltimore) and as a professor at Valparaiso University. He has also worked in inner-city settings in Dallas, Texas, and Detroit, Michigan. John is married to Monique. They have six children and eleven grandchildren.


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