Meant for Good

New Women's Bible study from Donna Snow

Joseph’s story in Genesis is well known by many. He’s the man with the many-colored coat and numerous siblings. A man who faced slavery, imprisonment, and a cruel Pharaoh while standing confidently in his faith through numerous trials and difficulties.

A man who waited, patiently, for God to use him for good.

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It almost sounds unfair how Joseph had to wait twenty grueling years for God put His plan with Joseph into motion. That same unfairness can seem to seep into our own lives. Even while living through struggles and turmoil, we can cling to the understanding that God means our lives for good.

Meant for Good will lead you through the grand story of Joseph in eight weeks as he faithfully waits for God's plans to come together. In this women's Bible study, uncover how these struggles, woven together into a rich narrative of hope and faithfulness, showcase our need to let God's love and forgiveness lead before our own selfish wants. You'll see that trusting God to use your life for good allows you to be brave and bold in your faith.

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what you will be studying

Week One:

The Dreamer
(Genesis 37)

Week Two:

Potiphar’s House: God’s Grace amid Darkness
(Genesis 39–40)

Week Three:

From Prison to Prominence
(Genesis 41)

Week Four:

Feast and Famine
(Genesis 42–43)

Week Five:

Tests of Faith
(Genesis 44–45)

Week Six:

God Cares for His Own
(Genesis 46–47)

Week Seven:

Embracing God’s Blessings
(Genesis 48:1–49:27)

Week Eight:

God Meant It for Good
(Genesis 49:28–50:26)



Helpful Features for Your Group

• Timeline of Genesis

• Diagram of Joseph’s Lineage

• History of Egypt and the Pharaohs

• Daily Study Questions

• “Go Quiet, Go Deep” to reflect each day

What Others Are Saying

Donna Snow is an excellent and prolific author who equips Bible students to grow in their knowledge of God’s Word. In her newest Bible study, she helps us recognize issues and challenges that Joseph and Jesus faced. She digs deep, includes research about religious customs and beliefs, and equips us to apply God’s Word to our daily life. I highly recommend this book. Kay L. Meyer, Founder, President, and Host, Family Shield Ministries, Inc.

If you’ve forgotten that God holds you in His hands at all times, Donna Snow provides the course correction you need. With scriptural application that flows refreshingly into the heart, Meant for Good reveals the truth that your life is always under God’s grace and in the center of His faithful plan. … This soul-replenishing Bible study reveals that, even through trial and suffering, your precious life as God’s child is meant for good. Michael W. Newman, President of the Texas District LCMS and author of Hope When Your Heart Breaks and Getting Through Grief

Without shying away or ignoring hard biblical truths, Donna Snow paints the story of Joseph and his family into vivid color, relevance, and practical application for women looking to trust God in difficult circumstances and amidst myriad challenges. This is the perfect study for participants who desire in-depth study steeped richly in God’s Word. Jessica R. Patch, Publishers Weekly bestselling author

Meant for Good is meant for you! Donna nails it again with her comprehensive study that unpacks the history and political play of the day, all while keeping you hooked until the last page with biblical, practical, thought-provoking, and meaningful application. Despite apparent loss and defeat, Joseph is a story of perseverance and God’s goodness. This study spoke to my life—struggles, difficulties, and questions—and how God meant them for good. Clear references to Christ assure us of God’s guaranteed grace and that, in Jesus, we definitely have enough. Don’t wait. Dig in today! Rev. Andrew Ratcliffe, Pastor at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and School


About the Author

Donna Snow is the author of dozens of books and Bible studies, including Chosen: A Study of Esther. She is a frequent speaker at ministry conferences and retreats, leads Bible studies and international tours, and has a passion for telling others about Jesus.

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