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Maybe your church hosted an Oktoberfest or a community Easter egg hunt. There are plenty of new faces, but almost none return the next Sunday. It takes more than one-off events to establish a welcoming presence that reliably draws in new individuals.

With Meaningful Outreach, you’ll find all the tools you need to develop a comprehensive outreach plan suited to your community.

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4 Essentials for Outreach That Works


Specific Focus

The reality is that your congregation does not have infinite resources for planning outreach, so focus on your strengths!


Serving Needs

Your congregation has lots to offer!  Shared meals and outreach provide friendly community to those who need it. 


Accessible Methods

Whatever you do, it needs to be accessible both to the people you want to reach and your own members!


Local Scope

Outreach needs to be local because it revolves around your physical congregation and the gifts God distributes there. 

Sustainability Matters Most

Annual events are great—once a year. Cultivating an environment that welcomes people to God’s house requires commitment and regular availability on the part of the church.

This is the most intimidating part, but it doesn’t have to be! Building a sustainable outreach plan is within the reach of every congregation, and Pastor Mark A. Wood has compiled his years of mission and outreach experience into this book to present practical outreach guidelines for your congregation.


Rev. Dr. Mark A. Wood

Pastor Wood serves as director of LCMS Witness and Outreach Ministry and as director of the LCMS Revitalization Initiative. In his roles, he identifies, develops, and promotes resources for assisting congregations with inviting, welcoming, and receiving people who are disconnected from the Church, thus equipping Christians to be more effective witnesses in their everyday lives.

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