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Master Criminals is recommended for kids 11 and up.

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These bad guys should be behind bars.

Don’t shield your eyes from the stories of good guys gone bad in the Bible. Some of the master criminals in this book are heroes of the faith, but at times they failed to trust God.

Steal away with this criminally good book and learn about how Jesus gave us His own priceless righteousness!

As expert sinners—master criminals—it is only because of the spilled blood of Jesus, which testifies on our behalf, that we are found innocent.”

(From the conclusion)

The Masterminds behind This Book


Jonathan Schkade (the Author)

Jonathan Schkade lives in Jefferson City, Missouri, where he works as an editor and author. He enjoys reading, cooking, procrastinating, and staring awestruck at his wife and daughters.

Gleisson Cipriano

Gleisson Cipriano (the Illustrator)

Gleisson Cipriano is an illustrator and comic artist working from Bauru, in the countryside of São Paulo, Brazil. Most of his time is invested in studying, drawing, and consuming creative content.


liars, cheats, and thieves—oh my!

Read all about the bad guys in the free chapter of Master Criminals.

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