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Christians need heroes who serve. Who suffer. Who die.

New from Bryan Wolfmueller
In A Martyr’s Faith in a Faithless World, study five martyrs’ lives, learn about the theology that inspired and guided them, and grow in your appreciation for the faith God has given you.

“At once both catechetical and comforting.”

—Dr. John T. Pless, Concordia Theological Seminary, author of Luther’s Small Catechism: A Manual for Discipleship

“In the gathering gloom of persecutions both overt and covert, Christians these days are prone to panic. Pastor Wolfmueller’s little book will calm you down.”

—Harold L. Senkbeil, Executive Director of DOXOLOGY

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Jesus Is at the Finish Line

Faith is following Jesus through death to life. But first through death. This is why Christians have always considered those who die for their faith to be heroes. They preach with their lives, their lips, and their blood. They endure terrible afflictions and abuse because they confess Christ. In the lives and deaths of the martyrs, we see the devil’s rage on full display, and we see that his rage comes to nothing—that he is impotent and overcome by the blood of the Lamb.

The martyrs remind us there is nothing the devil can do to us. The martyrs remind us death is nothing to fear. These Christian heroes encourage us to finish our race, reminding us what—or better, who—is at the finish line waiting for us: Jesus.


About the Author

Bryan Wolfmueller is a pastor at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Austin, Texas. He is co-host of Table Talk Radio, the world’s most famous Lutheran theological game show. Bryan has a new hobby every day, but he always comes back to reading about Law and Gospel. He lives in Texas with his wife, Keri, and their four children.