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No free weights or cologne required.

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What makes a man a man?

Man Up! cuts through all the noise of the world’s ideas of masculinity and goes back to what our Creator says about being a man in His creation.

It isn’t about taking down the feminists or reclaiming your rights as a man. It’s about living in the example and grace of Jesus.

So fix your eyes on the Man up on the cross and embark on a journey to become more masculine (no weight lifting required).

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Man Up! is for any man who is searching for the meaning in his life. Too many men live a life of quiet desperation and don’t have the tools and resources to live life to the fullest. Jeff Hemmer does a fantastic job of giving a clear map and guidelines to live a fulfilled life through God.”

—Larry Hagner, founder of the Good Dad Project and author of The Dad’s Edge

“Necessarily theological, refreshingly humorous, and appropriately practical.”

Rev. Marcus T. Zill, LCMS director of Campus Ministry and LCMS U

“If books could grow beards, this one totally would. And it would be glorious.”

Rose Adle, co-author of Ladylike: Living Biblically

“Reading this book will drive the wimp right out of you.”

Rev. Allan Buss, senior pastor at Immanuel Belvidere

Jeffrey Hemmer

Jeffrey Hemmer

Jeffrey Hemmer is the husband of (in his opinion) the most wonderful woman in the world, father of the five most delightful children he’s ever met, and pastor of Bethany Evangelical Lutheran Church in Fairview Heights, Illinois. He’s also a wannabe farmer, maker of some things, fixer of other things, beard grower, and general curmudgeon. His big truck is probably a sign of his insecurity.

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