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Luthers Works

Writings that revolutionized the Church.

Thoroughly researched and faithfully translated, the Luther’s Works series consists of Martin Luther’s Bible commentaries, sermons, prefaces, postils, disputations, letters, theology, and polemics—translated and published in English for the first time.

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cover of Luther’s Works, Companion Volume, (Sixteenth-Century Biographies of Martin Luther)

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Luther’s Works, Companion Volume, (Sixteenth-Century Biographies of Martin Luther)

Martin Luther has been the subject of hundreds of biographies in the last five hundred years, stretching back to his own autobiographical efforts, which were quickly supplemented by his colleagues, friends, and students as they sought to reflect on the significance of his life and teaching.

This collection of seven biographical writings on the reformer features some of the earliest written sources on Luther’s life, available for the first time in English. Written by those closest to him, these are accurate and direct accounts of Martin Luther’s life and his impact on the world.

Release Schedule

Volume 56—Sermons III 2019
Volume 73—Disputations II 2020
Volume 61—Theology and Polemics 2021
Volume 72—Disputations I 2022
Volume 65—Labors on the Psalms II 2023
Volume 64—Labors on the Psalms I 2024
Volume 70—Early Works I 2025
Volume 66—Selected Psalms IV 2026

About Martin Luther

Martin Luther (November 10, 1483–February 18, 1546) is remembered as “Doctor biblicus,” the Father of Protestantism, and the founder of Lutheranism. As an Augustinian Hermit and professor of theology in Wittenberg, Germany, Luther began by opposing the sale of indulgences, an action that thrust him into international fame. Eventually, he called for a thorough reformation of church teaching and practice based on Holy Scripture alone.

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