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Lutheran Church Fathers

Three Programs. One Subscription.
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Save on all the newest volumes of Gerhard’s Theological Commonplaces, Luther’s Works, and Walther’s Works—plus get free shipping.

  • Save 30% on all new and previously published volumes of Gerhard’s Theological Commonplaces, Luther’s Works, and Walther’s Works.
  • Enjoy free, automatic shipping for new volumes, released four times a year.
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  • Each subscription begins with the newest volume.
Luthers Works

This series consists of Luther’s Bible commentaries, sermons, prefaces, disputations, letters, and more—available in English for the first time.


Gerhard’s Theological Commonplaces

Now translated into English, Gerhard’s Commonplaces (first published 1610–25) offer the most systematic theology of Lutheran orthodoxy post Reformation.

Walther's Works

Walther’s Works

Called “the American Luther,” Walther promoted confessional Lutheranism in America in the nineteenth century by means of sermons, books, and articles.

Release Schedule

Luther Release Schedule
Volume 73—Disputations II 2020
Volume 61—Theology and Polemics 2021
Volume 72 – Disputations I 2022
Volume 65—Labors on the Psalms II 2023
Volume 64—Labors on the Psalms I 2024
Volume 70—Early Works I 2025
Volume 66—Selected Psalms IV 2026
Gerhard Release Schedule
On the Resurrection of the Dead and On the Last Judgement 2020
On the End of the World and Hell 2021
On the Eternal Life 2022
On the Holy Supper 2023