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Humanity’s True Hero

There’s nothing more empowering than watching the superhero defeat the villain in a movie, TV show, or book. The hero is a source of inspiration, hope, and guidance for his or her audience. Jesus Christ is the greatest hero of all time and the only real superhero for the world. Dig into His epic journey and discover how the Bible retells the most action-packed, adventure-filled story the world has ever known. Download a free sample >

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“So many of these familiar hero stories, both ancient and modern, appear to contain splinters of truth broken off from the cross of Christ crucified. Jesus, however, is not merely another myth. . . . His story is in fact—history! Christ’s redemptive sojourn is the singular source of all hero stories, a mono-truth, if you will. . . . And so, we being exploring
Jesus: the Lord of legends.”

The Ordinary World

God creates the heavens and the earth, and the fall of humanity occurs.

Crossing the Threshold

Christ is born to Mary and Joseph, entering the world.


Christ rises from the dead on the third day— that beautiful Easter morning.


The Chosen One

Learn how Christ fulfills the Old Testament’s long-awaited prophecy of a Savior.


Forty Days in the Wilderness
Satan’s Temptations


Christ’s Disciples


Pontius Pilate
The World

From the Foreward

“Eichinger reveals a vast treasury involving hero themes and the great myths of the past with electrifying insights. God, in His permissive provenance, might well have allowed the victorious theme to pulse through literature, from the authors of ancient epics to motion picture screenplays, novels, and even comic book heroes, to help an unbelieving world become more receptive to God’s mission in saving the world through the greatest adventure of all in the story of the Lord of Legends.”
—Paul L. Maier

About the Author


Eric Eichinger is senior pastor of Bethel Lutheran in Clearwater, Florida. He previously served as a missionary in China.

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