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Listen. Read. Learn.

With The Hear Me Read Bible, you’ll listen to children read the Word of God while they learn about their Savior!

Download the story of Jonah for free!

Read the Bible with the children in your life.

The Hear Me Read Bible teaches children valuable sight words through repetitive language and easy-to-read Bible stories.

Colorful illustrations enhance the repetitive language within the story so children can connect new words to images.

Perfect for family devotion time with your youngest children, Spanish classes, and missionaries sharing the Word of God with Spanish-speaking countries.

Meet the Author

An award-winning educator, Dr. Mary Manz Simon is a practical parenting specialist and best-selling author whose writing has impacted the lives of countless children and families around the world. After earning her doctorate in education, she and her husband, Rev. Henry Simon, were blessed with three children in just four years. Her real-life experience, coupled with her significant academic credentials, make her words must-reads for families.


“I wrote these Bible stories when our first grade son was having trouble learning to read. As a mom and educator, I wanted him to love reading and learn Bible stories. What a joy to watch that happen! I’m thrilled that Spanish-speaking families can anticipate this same experience.”

–Author Dr. Mary Manz Simon

“Mary Manz Simon has been touching the lives of God’s Children (both young and old) with God’s Word in new and exciting ways over the years. My own 4 children loved to hear and learned to read out loud through the Hear Me Read Bible Stories while on the mission field in the Philippines. Now my eldest daughter teaches at a Lutheran preschool. She is excited, as I am, that The Hear Me Read Bible is now available in Spanish which is the language of the heart for many people (including many of her students). Martin Luther said that a good translation requires ‘a truly devout heart, faithful, diligent, Christian, learned, experienced, and practiced heart.’ The Hear Me Read Bible is such a heart touching translation.”

–Rev. Don Treglown, Ex-misionero LCMS en Filipinas; Pastor principal, Faith Lutheran, Naples, FL


Listen. Read. Learn.

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