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Inspired by the Holy Spirit

Four weeks to better faith habits

In a bustling world of consumerism and digital connection, your soul is craving real, personal connection. It craves moments of rest and relaxation with your Savior and experiences an unfathomably deep need to connect with your Creator. Psalm 42:1 says it well: “As a deer pants for flowing streams, so pants my soul for you, O God.” In this women’s Bible study, discover that this soul-deep craving can be fulfilled with guidance from the Holy Spirit and by re-creating your spiritual habits.

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Focus on:



Sink into Scripture and reframe how you read God’s Word. There’s a world of love that’s deeper than understanding packed into each book of the Bible.



Learn how, through prayer, you can talk to God about anything—no matter the circumstance—and ask for whatever you need.



Understand that filling your life with consumer products cannot fill the void you feel in your soul. Rather, praise God for the gifts He has given you.



Find how God’s Word offers moments of reflection. When it seems as though you’re struggling, sometimes the best thing to do is reflect on your situation. 

is perfect for:

Individual Study


Spend personal time in God’s Word each day, and reflect on the Holy Spirit’s work in your life. 


Small-Group Study


Come together as God’s people to see how you as a group and individually can connect to Him more. 

Large Groups or Event


Inspire others to think about their spiritual habits and how they can grow closer to God in the company of His Church.

If your soul needs some oxygen, open the windows of your life, breathe in her words, and receive the gifts Jesus shares generously through His life-giving Spirit. Rev. Michael W. Newman, author of Getting Through Grief and Hope When Your Heart Breaks, President, Texas District, LCMS

There were many days I felt the author was speaking directly to my experiences and struggles. It illuminates the everyday barriers that keep us from recognizing the Holy Spirit’s transforming work in our lives and gives practical steps for seeking inspiration from Scripture, in worship, in prayer, and through service. Laura Hemminger, mom, former director of Y4Life at Lutherans For Life

Start reading this book and you’ll immediately feel like you’ve just met a new sister in Christ who willingly shares her vulnerabilities just so she can encourage you to hang on to God for dear, sweet life. Sharla Fritz, author of God’s Relentless Love

As Christina shares her life openly, honestly, and vulnerably, you will find yourself relating to her struggles, as well as enjoying the fun, creative challenges for each day’s reading. The truths shared are relevant for all times, whether a past experience that has been long since forgotten or fresh from the day before. If you are looking for inspiration and a renewed soul, this is the book for you! Kathy Cowan, director of women’s ministry, Memorial Lutheran Church, Katy, Texas

Meet the Author

Christina Hergenrader

Christina Hergenrader grew up in Galveston and now lives in Houston, Texas. She is wife to Mike and mother to Catie (16), Sam and Elisabeth (twins, 13), and Nate (10). Her rescue greyhounds are the laziest animals alive. She is the author of eleven books, which include God Loves Moms, Love Rules, Family Trees and Olive Branches, and Last Summer at Eden.


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