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The three solas—grace alone, faith alone, Scripture alone—have come to define Lutheranism over the years. Originating in the early days of the Reformation, the solas set up not only a relationship between God and us, but also between us and our neighbor.

The solas don’t encompass every single aspect of Lutheranism, but through them, we can get a picture of what it means to be a Lutheran. Using these three phrases, Daniel Paavola deepens our understanding of not only Lutheran doctrine, but more important, how God loves us and calls us to love our neighbor.

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Praise for Grace, Faith, Scripture

“Dr. Paavola has taken the great heavenly ideas of the Lutheran Reformation (Scripture alone, grace alone, and faith alone) and brought them down to earth in this wonderfully profound and accessible book.”

Pastor Bob Hiller 
Senior pastor of Community Lutheran Church and content editor for Craft of Preaching

“In his own winsome, conversational, and faithful way, Paavola shows how grace alone, faith alone, and Scripture alone were and are essential for his own spiritual life and relationships.”

Rev. Paul Cain
Editor, Lutheran book reviewer, and pastor of Immanuel Lutheran Church

“This is no dreary doctrinaire discourse, but a warm armchair conversation with a friend who delightfully engages you with his scriptural-based narratives of grace and faith.”

Rev. Dr. Timothy Maschke
Emeritus professor of theology, Concordia University Wisconsin


About the Author

Dr. Daniel Paavola has been teaching the essence of the Lutheran faith for twenty-two years as a professor of theology at Concordia University Wisconsin, where he currently serves as the theology department chairman.