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Gory Deaths - Not-So-Nice Bible Stories

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This is not a book of fairy tales.

Happy endings are few and far between. This is a book of history—true tales of people who lived and died long ago. 

These 18 chapters give you cool trivia, factoids, and things to think about, such as

  • why the story is in the Bible,
  • how it can guide your life, and
  • what it shows you about Jesus.

These TRUE stories show how God’s justice smashes the sinful, the sinister, the sneaky; and they show how Jesus conquers death and gives you life.

Want to dive deeper into the muck?

Check out the reproducible Bible study >

“We have a God who has seen it all—and who has gone through it all for us. . . . Through engaging text, helpful asides, and added research, readers will gain a better understanding of these true Bible accounts as well as a better understanding of their Lord.”
Lisa Clark, author of The Messengers: Discovered
“Overall, I really enjoyed the book and the author’s writing style. Jonathan Schkade does a terrific job of taking ‘gory stories’ and bringing terrific faith applications to light. Gory Deaths is a refreshing read and take on familiar biblical accounts.”
Dr. James Pingel, Director of Graduate Education, Concordia University Wisconsin

About the Brains behind the Book


Jonathan Schkade (the Author)

Jonathan Schkade lives in Jefferson City, Missouri, where he works as an editor and author. He enjoys reading, cooking, procrastinating, and staring awestruck at his wife and daughters.

Gleisson Cipriano

Gleisson Cipriano (the Illustrator)

Gleisson Cipriano is an illustrator and comic artist working from Bauru, in the countryside of São Paulo, Brazil. Most of his time is invested in studying, drawing, and consuming creative content.


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Read a free chapter, and download free wallpapers for your kids’ phones and desktops!

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