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Think about it for a second: the Lord and Creator of all things pursues you. He wants to know you. He loves you. God pursues an intimate relationship with you, just like Hosea the prophet fiercely pursues Gomer. Join author Sharla Fritz as she invites you into her life and the ultimate love story—God’s pursuit of you—in God’s Relentless Love. Discover God’s real, unconditional love in this relatable, approachable Bible study.

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Hear from the author.

In God’s Relentless Love, we learn that God pursues us intimately. Hear from Sharla Fritz as she introduces the Book of Hosea.

Watch as Sharla walks through the Book of Hosea while visiting key places in Israel in these eight videos.

Praise for God’s Relentless Love

Beautiful, compelling, and full of wisdom. God’s Relentless Love, a new Bible study by Sharla Fritz, helped me to better understand the dramatic love story of Hosea and Gomer. But more importantly, it helped me to understand God’s unbelievable, totally gracious, infinite, tenacious, and all-knowing love for me. Sharla’s well-researched study is filled with biblical wisdom, a deep dive into God’s love for His people, and real-life stories of relentless love. It will forever change the way you understand Hosea—and will help you see how much you are loved by your heavenly Father.

Christina Hergenrader, author and speaker

With wisdom and a sense of humor, Sharla Fritz brings the complex and confounding Book of Hosea to life. She skillfully combines modern-day stories, historic facts, and thoughtful questions to show us how this book of the Bible still speaks and calls each one of us to “live loved.” For those who want to go deeper, God’s Relentless Love also contains a study guide.

Afton Rorvik, author of Storm Sisters: Friends through All Seasons

The story of Hosea paints a stunning portrait of how God pursues the drifter and redeems the broken. Throughout this superb study, Sharla skillfully reminds us how God never fails to extend His loving grace every time we go spiritually AWOL. Through journaling, Scripture memorization, and honest insights, each chapter offers a fresh journey along antiquity’s roads to demonstrate that we cannot outrun God or His affections. Sharla’s study offered me much-needed space to dig deep into Scripture to discover once again that no matter how far I fall or how bad I mess up, God welcomes wanderers with His relentless love.

Donna Snow, Author, owner of Artesian Ministries


Meet the Author

Sharla Fritz loves speaking with women’s groups and sharing her own struggles, victories, and failures, expressing how God is miraculously present through each one. By telling her story, Sharla hopes to share a few laughs and meet new sisters in Christ.

Sharla is a Lutheran author, musician, and speaker. She has published six books through Concordia Publishing House, including Enough For Now: Unpacking God’s Sufficiency and Waiting: A Bible Study on Patience, Hope, and Trust.

Listen to Sharla discuss the Book of Hosea
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