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the existence and awareness of sin and all that is broken in us and around us

the state of being separated into two or more pieces

the quality of being fractured, splintered, torn, cracked, ruptured, confused, crushed

Call Out Brokenness. Bring Out Hope.

In Finding Hope: From Brokenness to Restoration, start recognizing and naming the difficult parts of life. When we name and move through our brokenness, we discover how Jesus Christ is our ultimate hope—even in the broken mess. Author Heidi Goehmann, as a licensed clinical social worker, mental health care provider, and deaconess, is uniquely qualified to speak to our broken parts.

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Brokenness in Me

“This messy person I call 'self' needs attention. God made all of me. He made all of us and loves all our parts and pieces. He sees the brokenness and walks through it with us to create in us a sense of who we are, because we know where we came from and where we’re going. We love ourselves, all of ourselves, in our brokenness, because God does. He loved us first, and He’ll always love us best.”

Brokenness in Family

“Our families are imperfect. Most of us will encounter a deeper sense of brokenness, a need to name the brokenness, within our families because of the deeper intimacy also found in families. This is hope in our most intimate relationships: In the imperfection of brokenness, it’s obvious we need grace. At its core, family is a place of relationship where we can glimpse God’s unconditional love in a very conditionally minded world.”

Brokenness in Community

“Connections bring us a sense of awareness that we aren’t alone in the world, but community brings us a shared sense of belonging. This sense of belonging transforms our internal thoughts and feelings of connection into actions and behaviors that create what author and activist Dietrich Bonhoeffer called 'life together.' Life together is genuine community that shares a common purpose and meets one another’s needs.

Brokenness in Creation

If “we are broken people” and “I’m broken” are our only understandings of this concept we call brokenness and the state of the world we see around us, the shame is overwhelming. We easily turn these things inward and carry the shame of brokenness around with us into our families, our workplaces, and our communities. God hears our groaning. Jesus surely can dig us out and surely does dig us out. While we all bear our sufferings and struggles, the shame of brokenness was borne by Christ on the cross long ago; we do not have to carry it around with us. In Christ and through His Word, God gives us eyes to see, ears to hear, and minds to know in order to call the devil’s games by name.”

Meet the Author

Heidi Goehmann is a licensed clinical social worker and mental health care provider, deaconess, wife, mom, and advocate. She received her bachelor's degree in theology and psychology from Concordia University Chicago, and her master's degree in social work from the University of Toledo. Heidi has worked in a variety of clinical settings, including trauma treatment, play-based therapies, and systems research. She also has served in various ministry and mental health capacities. She is the author of Altogether Beautiful: A Study of the Song of Songs and The Mighty & The Mysterious: A Study of Colossians.

Heidi is always available at heidigoehmann.com, which provides resources and advocacy for mental health and genuine relationships.