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How can Jesus be true God and true man? How are we simultaneously sinner and saint?

Faith That Sees through the Culture addresses these questions head-on.

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God’s Word doesn’t contradict itself.

It’s tempting to see some verses in the Bible as either-or statements—one must be true and the other must be false. End of story. Case closed.

But the paradoxes in the Word of God are different. They are both-and statements, at once seeming contradictory but both being wholly and completely true. As Christians, we live in this tension, embracing that two sides of the same coin can be true at the same time.

Faith That Sees through the Culture provides lenses to evaluate and bring clarity to these paradoxes. These lenses, when focused, aligned, and coordinated, open whole new vistas for faith to see more clearly and be lived out more effectively in our culture.

“Thoughtful and highly accessible. . . A fresh conversation about seeing through the eyes of faith. ”
Rev. John J. Bombaro, Ph.D. LCDR, CHC, USNR, Grace Lutheran Church, San Diego

“A timely and important response to the moral relativism that has infected our world today.”
Douglas S. Cavanaugh, Founder & CEO, The Ruby Restaurant Group

About the Author


Rev. Alfonso O. Espinosa, PhD, is the senior pastor at Saint Paul’s Lutheran Church of Irvine. He has taught as an adjunct professor of theology at Concordia University Irvine for more than 15 years, and serves on the LCMS Board for National Mission. He is passionate about making God’s Word come alive for Christians and has been active in supporting campus ministry and catechism convocations in Southern California.

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