Extra Nos

Discovering Grace outside Myself

Step up to FLAME’s mic as he brings you into his recording studio and through the streets of his inspirational story. From youth group in St. Louis, Missouri, to the red carpet of Grammy awards, God richly blessed his life and brought him into the beauty of Lutheranism. Learn about his spiritual journey as God brought him through various trials testing his faith, pushing him to further his theological background and find the truth of "extra nos." Most importantly, see how God works through all His people to bring His truth to the world from outside of us.

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Why Extra Nos?

The idea for my next album started for me during one of my classes when I heard the phrase extra nos used. The professor explained that it was a Latin phrase that means “outside of us.” As he continued to expand on its meaning and use, it was as if more oxygen was entering my brain, leading to my heart. God-breathed, faith-sustaining oxygen. From then onward, I was hooked. Similar to Luther’s paradigm-shifting experience while reading Romans, I, too, was gripped by the notion that what God is doing for us is outside of us.

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For evidence that Lutheranism is the kind of Christianity that has the most relevance today, read FLAME’s Extra Nos. With a rapper’s mastery of language. . . he offers the best refutation of Reformed theology I have ever come across—not just by argument but by experience.”

—Gene Edward Veith, author of Spirituality of the Cross

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Praise for Extra Nos

As a serious student of Scripture, [FLAME] ponders the truth of God’s Word and discovers the magnitude of God’s grace in Jesus in ways he never expected. Grace is given in spite of our own failures, in tangible ways that speak to souls again and again. . . I encourage you to walk with Marcus through his spiritual pilgrimage of discovery.

-Pastor Dave Haara, Family of Christ Lutheran Church, Tampa, Florida

In the front row, seriously tuned-in, and furiously taking notes but saying very little. Such are my classroom memories of Marcus [FLAME]. And then he opened his mouth, and Extra Nos came out. It is a delight to read the account of God’s work in the life of one of His servants. . . All those who have ever wondered about the practical relevance of doctrine for “real life” need only to read and learn from FLAME.

- Rev. Dr. Joel Biermann, professor of systematic theology, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis

FLAME is a consummate student of theology. . . This book is a winsome and insightful description of not only what he believes but also how he ended up where he is in his faith journey. You’ll find encouragement in these pages. I know I did.

- Daniel DeWitt, senior fellow, Southwest Baptist University, Bolivar, Missouri; executive director of the Center for Worldview and Culture

Christian singer-songwriter FLAME tells the honest story of his humbling journey from the crushing burden of seeking God’s grace in his heart and holiness to the liberating joy of receiving God’s grace through Christ’s gifts. . . A must-read for every Lutheran, and every Christian!

- Rev. Dr. Leopoldo A. Sánchez, professor of systematic theology, director of the Center for Hispanic Studies, Werner R. H. Krause Professor of Hispanic Ministries, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis

[FLAME]’s Confessional themes and cutting-edge production contribute to the “mutual conversation and consolation of brothers and sisters.” Whether you’ve heard him or only heard about him, get to know your brother who takes the Lutheran symbols to the streets with lyrical flair and solid Confessional content. If you don’t know, now you know!

- Rev. Delwyn X. Campbell, LCMS National Missionary deployed to Gary, Indiana

FLAME shows his theological prowess as he honestly and authentically shares his journey into Lutheranism and how that influences the Lutheran doctrine he writes into rap music. . . Whether you’re familiar with FLAME’s creative work or not, his story is a marvelous example of how we can similarly crave God’s Word and a deeper knowledge and understanding of Lutheran doctrine in order to love God and serve our neighbor.

- Sarah Gulseth, digital media specialist, KFUO Radio

FLAME combines his moving personal journey with a clear exposition of the Lutheran faith. And then he takes it one step further as he follows in the footsteps of Martin Luther by using music to teach the faith. Luther didn’t think about using rap music, but he would have if he had known about it!

- Dr. David R. Maxwell, professor of systematic theology, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis

Marcus (FLAME) invites us into his struggle of living the Christian life by trying to balance and understand it through one of the many wonderful Lutheran distinctions, the two kinds of righteousness—in other words, learning the distinction between passive and active righteousness. I, too, found this joy, coming late to the Lutheran table. . . Marcus speaks of his complex, diverse, curious, and confusing self, which seeks to find the pure mercy, grace, peace, and love of Christ. He discovers these have always been there and found freely outside himself—extra nos—in Christ.

- Dr. Beth Hoeltke, Director of the Graduate School, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis

Extra Nos is FLAME’s story about how Jesus’ promise that “you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” has been fulfilled in his own life and art. It is a story of being freed from uncertainty, confusion, and doubts as he discovered God’s grace in Christ outside himself. Extra Nos is at once personal and accessible, honest and generous, fresh and faithful, unorthodox and confessional.

- Dr. Joel P. Okamoto, Waldemar and Mary Griesbach Professor of Systematic Theology, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis

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About the Author

FLAME IS A GRAMMY®-nominated and Stellar Award–winning hip-hop artist. He is a well-versed leader in the Christian hip-hop scene with a growing list of accolades, including a GRAMMY nomination, multiple Billboard chart-toppers, and several Dove and Stellar award nominations. He was born and raised in the inner city of St. Louis, Missouri. He has released nine albums to date under his own imprint. FLAME’s latest releases include four EPs, including Extra Nos (2020), which was his first project as a Lutheran. For over a decade, FLAME has traveled throughout five continents performing music that has impacted the masses. In addition to touring, writing, recording, and coproducing his own projects, FLAME founded and helms Clear Sight Music and Extra Nos Academy, boutique imprints raising the bar in Christian hip-hop and beyond. He has a master’s degree in theology with a minor in counseling from Concordia Seminary in St. Louis.

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