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Do you have too
much stuff?

Did you run out of hangers in your closet? Are your bookshelves crammed with novels and knickknacks?

This 7-day decluttering guide will help you simplify your life, get rid of what you don't use, and remind you that you'll only ever have enough in Christ.

Each day, you'll clear out one area of your life so you can reveal your discontentment and draw closer to Christ.

  1. Closet
  2. Schedule
  3. Kitchen
  4. Technology
  5. Shelves
  6. Heart
  7. Mind

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We don’t have enough—enough time, money, clothes, Instagram followers, chocolate ice cream. Our lives are a constant comparison game, where we’re always one step behind the girl next door.

So we try everything in a desperate attempt to feel like we have enough. We buy more, we buy less. We work more, we work less. We get rid of items that don’t “spark joy.” We build a capsule wardrobe. We eat a plant-based diet.

But no matter what we do, we still feel empty. We crave something more.

Only God can satisfy the longing in our hearts for more. Join author Sharla Fritz as she explores the concept of enough. As you study the parable of the rich fool, you’ll learn to find full sufficiency in God alone—the only One who can satisfy our longings.

“Through engaging stories and compelling Scripture study, Sharla provides tools that help us discover what—and how much—is enough. ”
—Deb Burma, author of Living a Chocolate Life and Sip, Savor, and Drink Deeply

“In her wise, biblically-minded, practical voice, Sharla helps us all think through why we strive so hard to get “enough” in so many areas of our lives. And then she leads us step by step back to the Cross, the one place we will truly find enough. Don’t miss this perspective-changing study!”
—Afton Rorvik, author of Storm Sisters: Friends for All Seasons