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It’s something you and I always do. As Christians, we continue. We continue through difficult parts of life. We continue during times of infinite joy. We continue when we don’t feel secure in ourselves. We continue through mundane daily chores. But most importantly, we continue with Christ.

This poetry is for you.

For the ordinary, yet extraordinary-through-Christ, human.

It’s for those of us who burn our toast on Monday mornings. For those who persevere through rush-hour traffic. For those who attend Sunday services with little ones at their side. For those who simply, yet bravely, love Christ with their whole hearts.

For those in the day-to-day faith who just want to take one step forward.

I hope these poems and prayers give you the motivation to Continue.

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“This book is not a map or a textbook. It doesn’t read like a novel or ancient text.

What you are holding is a collection of prayers, poems, and writings.

And it’s yours.

There are no rules for this book.”

Tanner Olson

About the Poet

Tanner Olson is an author, poet, and speaker living in Nashville, Tennessee, with his wife, Sarah, and dog, Pancake. For the last decade, Tanner has been writing and speaking about hope, faith, and love to audiences online and across the US. When he isn’t writing, Tanner spends most of his time watching NBA basketball, drinking coffee, being outside, and catching up with friends. For more from Tanner, visit writtentospeak.com or @writtentospeak on Instagram.


What Others Are Saying

"Tanner Olson’s Continue is a gift. It is written for such a time as this. It is important. It is on time. It is just what I needed and I am guessing it is just what you need too." Rev. Greg Finke, author of Joining Jesus on His Mission

"Tanner gives unique, beautiful, and honest words navigating what faith looks like in a constantly changing world. This collection of poems will help you see that despite change all around us, God is here, God is in control, and God is deeply in love with you." Zach Zehnder

"Tanner is a poet in the most Biblical sense of the word. He writes in such a way that his words can enter depths of joy or sadness and provide hope anchored in Christ." Ted Doering, Pastor of Narrative Lutheran Church, Author of Myth of the Millennial and Walking Together

Download a preview of the poems below.