Can You Confidently Answer These Questions? 


Who is Jesus?


What did Jesus do?


Where is Jesus now?


Why did Jesus do all this?


When is Jesus coming back?


Find answers by claiming strong Lutheran beliefs as your own.

Responding to “Who am I?” is a central part of being God’s creation. How can you ground yourself in something unchanging when everything in the world fluctuates? Embrace your Lutheran identity by holding firm to God’s unwavering Word. Center yourself on the Savior, Jesus, who does not change. Claim your identity in Jesus, trust His promises, and find joy in His salvation. Download a sample.


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“We can’t define ourselves from within ourselves because the very nature of our lives means that we are always changing. . . . But where do we go? . . . We turn to Jesus to find out who we are.”
                                                  —From the Introduction 

Whether you’ve been Lutheran for one year, eighty years, or anywhere in between, Molly presents our core theology of “Jesus for you” in an engaging, relatable, and honest way.—Sarah Gulseth, digital media specialist, KFUO Radio

With a refreshing writing style, combined with a deep knowledge of Scripture, culture, and history, Mrs. Lackey turns a searching culture outward to the who, what, where, when, and why of Jesus.—Rev. Dr. Matthew Richard, pastor of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church of Minot, ND, and author of Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up? 12 False Christs and Minute Messages: Gospel-Filled Devotions for Every Occasion.

Catechesis in the Church can sometimes be reduced to making sure a person can define the “big words” we use on Sundays, but in our world of chaos and confusion, Molly very simply puts forward the truth of your identity as being found in Jesus and in Him alone.—Rev. John Bussman, senior pastor, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and School, Cullman, AL

Know Jesus. Know Yourself.

About the Author

Molly Lackey is a wife, author, and historian. She was a teenage convert to the Lutheran Church, where she immediately fell in love with the original Evangelicals’ teachings and history. She has a bachelor of arts in history, German, and Latin from the University of Alabama and a master of arts in early modern European history from Saint Louis University. Molly enjoys drawing, reading, and drinking tea with her husband, Jonathan.

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