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Explore the faith of your neighbors, family, and co-workers and find touchstones where you can more efficiently share the hope of Jesus Christ.

Understand different religions.

The Christian Difference details the basic history, personalities, and beliefs of the world’s major religions—not just for dead-end knowledge, but for kindly witnessing to and connecting with those who don’t yet know Jesus as their Savior.

Each of these world religions is compared with Christianity, providing ideas for how to talk to neighbors, family members, fellow students, or co-workers who follow one or another of these beliefs.

Judaism • Islam • Mormonism

Jehovah’s Witnesses • Scientology

Skepticism • Hinduism • Buddhism

Confucianism • Shinto • Sikhism

The Christian Difference stands as a powerful resource to help us explore the faith of our neighbors, family members, and co-workers and find touchstones where we can more efficiently share the hope that Jesus Christ has won for us and the Holy Spirit has implanted within us.”

(From p. xxi)