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Are your Leaders getting it right?

It is the responsibility of every leadership team to intentionally and continually re-create the right governance model that is effective in its unique situation. If you are a nonprofit leader, this new title from Kurt Senske, your governance guide, provides tools to build and continually evaluate success.

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Meet Your Governance Guide

Dr. Kurt Senske has spent hours listening to frustrated CEOs and board members. He knows that every organization goes through different seasons. In his twenty-three years as CEO of Upbring, Dr. Senske more than quadrupled the size of the agency and steered the once-troubled agency back to financial strength. During his tenure, the organization eliminated an indebtedness of $60 million and currently enjoys an endowment of more than $40 million. Now, Dr. Senske runs a consulting firm that specializes in working with mission-oriented organizational leaders and boards around issues of governance, strategy, organizational structure, succession planning, coaching, and mergers and acquisitions.

In The CEO and the Board: The Art of Nonprofit Governance as a Competitive Advantage, follow Dr. Senske through different facets of how your nonprofit can make effective changes and work through questions to craft an intentional relationship between the board and the CEO for organizational success. Topics:

  • Creating an effective, diverse board
  • Creating an effective strategy beyond the board
  • Holding the CEO accountable
  • Integrity, self-care, and blind spots

But why take advice from Dr. Senske? Why examine your governance structure? Download your free sample, and he’ll tell you.


What the Nonprofit World is Saying

Every CEO and board chair will benefit from reading this monograph. Dr. Kurt Senske weaves his own work, board, and consulting experiences to provide a clear picture of a preferred future where governance supports and encourages a strong and healthy organization and the CEO and the board are optimally working together. Especially useful are the chapters on strategic planning and managing the change necessary to transform an organization. This short and easy-to-read book can be used as a primer for CEOs and boards to begin the conversation around critical governance topics that can facilitate the transformation of a nonprofit in better serving the Church and the world.—Bart Day, MDiv, MBA, president and CEO, Lutheran Church Extension Fund


A breath of fresh air! This is not your ordinary one-size-fits-all governance prescription, but a thoughtful conversation on the intricacies of modern-day governance and the centrality of the board and CEO relationship. Applying his own deep experience, Dr. Senske artfully navigates the subtle and not-so-subtle challenges and barriers to organizational success at the governance level. Rather than providing trite solutions, Senske encourages the reader with new perspectives and opportunities for deeper thought designed to help the reader find the right path for their own unique organization. Well worth reading!—Kurt Buchholz, president and CEO, Lutheran Hour Ministries

The timing of Dr. Senske’s book is impeccable. With the rapidly changing landscape facing most organizations, CEOs and boards must work in tandem to leverage the things that strengthen performance and maintain absolute clarity about why this work is critical for the betterment of our communities. Senske’s experiences and insights enable readers to create a road map leading toward a positive future for their organization. The reflective questions included in this book are great starting points for conversation and reflection.—Linda Timmons, president and CEO, Mosaic

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