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Mother. Father. Husband. Wife. Brother. Sister. Daughter. Son. Grandparent. Grandchild. Student. Employee. Co-worker. Manager. Friend. Volunteer. Caregiver. Leader. Christian. Athlete. Soldier. Educator. Citizen. Writer. Teacher. Designer. Engineer. Helper.

There is no one thing we are all meant to do. Instead, God gives us multiple roles in this life. Discover your God-given callings with Pastor Jeffrey Leininger.

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Callings for Life

Each chapter contains:



to offer thanks for your current callings and for support of the callings of family, friends, leaders and others.


Bible Verses and Insights

to remind you of God’s promises and to help you think critically about how they fit into your life.


Discussion Questions

to reexamine your life using new perspectives and to discover callings you might have overlooked.

Rev. Dr. Jeffrey Leininger

About the Author

Rev. Dr. Jeffrey Leininger has served as Concordia University Chicago’s university pastor since 2002. In this role, he conducts daily chapel and guides pastoral care and counseling for students, faculty, and staff. He also directs the pre-seminary program, supervises spiritual life activities, and supports the church relations office. Leininger has a Ph.D. and M.Phil. from Cambridge University. He lives in Maywood, Illinois, with his wife, Rachel, and their children, Grace and Andrew.

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