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 Biblical Response Series

God’s Word on difficult issues.

Christians often find it difficult to share the Bible's perspective on tough topics. It can be challenging to convey biblical truths when they clash with the current culture. The Biblical Response series offers answers to the culture we live in, looking through the lens of God’s Word. These easy-to-read summaries guide us to look at the Word and trust in the Holy Spirit when faced with cultural issues.

Sold in packs of 20, these small booklets are a great resource for congregations. Place them in pews, give them out when questions arise, and send them home with students.

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New Items in the Series:

A Biblical Response to Liberal Christianity

A Biblical Response to Liberal Christianity

If in a spirit of liberty a church chooses deny Christ’s incarnation, can it really be called Christian? That is the paradox of liberal Christianity.

Informed by enlightenment, modern, and postmodern philosophy, liberal Christianity starts from a position of radical skepticism towards the witness of the Scriptures and the teachings within. Based on this, they separate themselves from much of God’s truth and gifts.

The first step towards confronting liberal Christianity should be a return to the Word, because from there truth will flow.


A Biblical Response to Mormonism

Though their language of God, grace, and faith might sound familiar at first, Mormons teach and believe things quite different from biblical Christianity.

In the early 19th century in upstate New York, Joseph Smith said he received new revelation from God, so he founded The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, also known as Mormonism. This movement has been one of the fastest growing religious groups in the United States since its inception.

It is a Christian duty to share the Gospel, but to best serve Mormon neighbors Christians first need to understand how Mormonism differs from Christianity. Let this Biblical Response be a go-to guide!


A Biblical Response to Cults

Though hidden from public view, cults are frightening reality even in today’s religious landscape.

Cults can exert influence on people through charismatic leaders, claims of new revelation, or even just the promise of a better life, but it comes at a cost. While emotional and physical abuses are common within cults, their greatest crime is the spiritual abuse of separating members from Christ.

Inside Biblical Response, you’ll find a primer on the tactics cults use to draw in and retain members as well as biblical counsel to share with individuals who have fallen to the influences of a cult.


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