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 Biblical Response Series

God’s Word on difficult issues.

Christians often find it difficult to share the Bible's perspective on tough topics. It can be challenging to convey biblical truths when they clash with the current culture. The Biblical Response series offers answers to the culture we live in, looking through the lens of God’s Word. These easy-to-read summaries guide us to look at the Word and trust in the Holy Spirit when faced with cultural issues.

Sold in packs of 20, these small booklets are a great resource for congregations. Place them in pews, give them out when questions arise, and send them home with students.

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New Items in the Series:

A Biblical Response to Witchcraft

A Biblical Response to Witchcraft

No fairytale fantasy, witchcraft is a real, contemporary practice that has been growing in popularity over the past decades. 

Whether driven to witchcraft through desire for control, spiritual harmony, health, or even violence, the fact remains that the practice is wrong. Humans are not God, so assuming pagan ritualistic practices won't solve anything. 

Called by Him, we should turn to Christ, not the supernatural, especially when faced with a life that feels out of control. 

A Biblical Response to Islam

A Biblical Response to Islam

Many Christians may fear Islam, viewing all Muslims as their enemies. 

Yet, we are called to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us (Matthew 5:44).

To face the challenge of Islam, Christians must know enough about the faith of Muslims to communicate lovingly. Then discussions with Muslims can become opportunities for Christian witness, rather than a fear of conflict. 

A Biblical Response to Satanism

A Biblical Response to Satanism

Since his fall, Satan has sewn lies in the hearts of men. Satanists venerate Satan, whether as an imaginary symbol or as a demonic being, to celebrate radical freedom in their own self expression and autonomy. 

As misguided as this may be, their values of liberation are the same that plague all mankind. Adam and Eve fell when they submitted to the temptation to eat, thinking they would be like God. We sin when we hope to save ourselves. 

Only in Christ do we find true freedom, the freedom from sin.


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