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  Biblical Response Series

God’s Word on difficult issues.

There are many topics that Christians find difficult to share the biblical perspective of with others. It can be challenging to convey biblical truths when they clash with the current culture. The Biblical Response series offers answers to the culture we live in, looking through the lens of God’s Word. These easy-to-read summaries guide us to look at the Word and trust in the Holy Spirit when faced with cultural issues.

Sold in packs of 20, these small booklets are a great resource for congregations. Place them in pews, give them out when questions arise, and send them home with students.

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New Items in the Series:


A Biblical Response to Abortion

Conversations surrounding abortion can be difficult for both those inside and outside of the church. However, everyone is confronted with it at some time, whether dealing with a surprise pregnancy, mourning an abortion, or just thinking and talking about it. 

Equip congregation members to witness to the truth of God’s love for life with confidence and conviction

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A Biblical Response to Suicide

If you need help, tell someone immediately. Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255, call 911, or go to suicidepreventionlifeline.org.

Mental health is an important topic for the church to address. Even faithful church-goers need to be reminded that Jesus loves them and will never forsake them. Responding to this darkness can only be done with a foundation that stands on the light of Christ.

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A Biblical Response to Addiction

Addiction is complex. But there is hope for the addict, regardless of the stage of addiction. Addictive behavior is an example of free will that is radically out of control. Recovery from addiction is a long-term journey. Let congregation members in on understanding how they can be a step of that journey and give hope to those in your community who are struggling with their addiction. This response to addiction uses scientific study and the truth found in God's Word. 

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