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Be still and know.

Be Still and Know

Sometimes the storms of life imitate storms in nature. At times, we know that a storm is coming and can prepare for the onslaught as we track its approach. Other times, it builds out of nowhere. Caught in it, we become drenched and tossed about. Its ferocity takes our breath away as we move headlong through the worst of the storm. What storms of life have you gone through, and where have you taken shelter? God’s Word promises that whatever storm we face, He will be there.

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Multiple formats for rest and refuge.

Individual Study

Spend time daily reflecting on Christ as your refuge.
Videos help you engage with the content in a new way.

Small Group Study

Gather with others in an 8-week study, and lean on one another as God transforms your life through encounters with Jesus.

Weekend Retreat

Spend time in nature or at your church with a group to deepen relationships and draw near to God.

Do you feel weary?


Study Psalm 46 in detail, examine stormy situations, and look to narratives in the Gospels that showcase how Jesus met women in the midst of their storms of life. He provided rest, refuge, strength, and hope to women, who met Him with a cry and need. Have you ever cried to Him too?

Jesus responds to you as He did to these women in Scripture: with care that goes further than your immediate or recognized need. He transformed their lives by His redemption, and He began by meeting them where He will meet you: in the storm.

Pat Maier and Connie Denniger

This resource reads like an intimate conversation, yet it encourages faith-stimulating discussions within a group setting. Her prompts to read and reflect provide incentive to slow down and linger in God’s Word, especially as it applies to life’s storms. Pat Maier and Connie Denninger, Founders of Visual Faith™ Ministry

Dr. Timothy E. Saleska

Deb manages to put a multitude of scriptural voices, prayers, personal stories, and reflections of other Scripture readers into conversation with one another. Through the journaling activities and reflective discussion questions, she invites us to join the lively conversation. And when we do, we will all be richer for the experience. Rev. Dr. Timothy Saleska, professor of exegetical theology and dean of ministerial formation at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis

Debbie Yocky

We, as readers, are encouraged to be still before the Lord and rely on Him to be our refuge in the storm—a perfect message for these challenging times. Deb includes personal experiences and biblical insights, as well as many prompts to reflect and respond to God’s Word. Debbie Yocky, LWML Rocky Mountain District President and women’s Bible study leader

Meet the Author


Deb Burma is a sought-after speaker for women’s conferences, retreats, and ministry events. Her assortment of books and devotionals include best-selling Bible studies JOY: A Study of Philippians and Living a Chocolate Life, along with Beautiful Feet, Stepping Out, and more. Deb is a follower of Jesus, a pastor’s wife, and a mom. She’s a blogger, a women’s ministry leader, and a self-proclaimed coffee/chocolate connoisseur. Above all, she is a grace-filled child of God.

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