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“I’m spiritual, but I’m not religious.”

This is a common postmodern sentiment“Truth is relative, so I’ll pick what’s right for me.”

To deliver us from the alienated subjectivity of postmodernity, we need a way to recover the spiritual significance of objective reality. Lutheranism can help us do that.

Lutheranism shows how the physical realm and the most ordinary corners of our lives—our work, our families, and our society in all of its secularity—are charged with the presence of God. Lutheranism can also help people today regain a conception of God, come to terms with suffering, and gain a sense that their lives have meaning.

“Daring. . . provocative. . . enlightening.”

—Dr. John W. Kleinig, Australian Lutheran College (formerly Luther Seminary) in the University of Divinity, Adelaide, Australia

“Consistently engaging from cover to cover.”

—George V. Strieter, Publisher, Ballast Press™

“Engaging, in the truest and freshest sense of that word.”

—Rev. Dr. John Arthur Nunes, Concordia College New York

Gene Edward Veith Jr. is Provost Emeritus at Patrick Henry College and the Director of the Cranach Institute at Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, IN. He is the author of 25 books, including The Spirituality of the Cross (CPH 1999, 2010).

A. Trevor Sutton is associate pastor at St. Luke Lutheran Church in Haslett, MI. He is the author of Being Lutheran and Why Should I Trust the Bible? (CPH 2016).

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