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God is the giver of life; He knits each of us together in the womb. We know we are His handiwork—fearfully and wonderfully made. Reinforce this beautiful biblical truth with the brightly illustrated children’s book Alive Before You Were Born.

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Remind children about our Creator.

Teaching that God is the Creator of all is an important aspect of teaching that life is to be treasured. But it is important to specifically remind children that they were made by God, that their DNA was stitched together in their mother’s womb for a purpose. Read about the story of life and emphasize children’s place in creation.

Show them what Jesus’ love for them has accomplished.

Infants, toddlers, and children of all ages need to know that they are loved—not only the love of their parents, friends, relatives, and others in their lives, but the infinite love of the Creator, who gave His Son for us. And when we look to His Son, we see just how much we are loved. From a very early age, singing “Jesus Loves Me” or reading about Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection will show how much we are loved.


Healthy body image

Knowing that one is fearfully and wonderfully made paves the way for healthy beliefs about one’s body.


Inclusive teaching

Knowing that God made every human being in His image and that each person holds the same intrinsic value from the womb to the tomb allows us to view issues of injustice with compassion.


Value of Life

Knowing that Jesus died for all of us out of love informs our decisions throughout life. We do our best to steward what He has given to us.


Meet the Author

Kim E. Bestian is a trained Lutheran elementary school teacher, pastor’s wife, mother, and grandmother. She presently serves as a director of children’s ministry. During her years at Concordia University St. Paul, she helped found the Lutherans For Life chapter on campus, and she remains an advocate for the preborn to this day.


Meet the Illustrator

Steliyana Doneva is a children’s book illustrator living in Sofia, Bulgaria. Her love of painting and drawing started early in her childhood. She studied at the School of Applied Arts in Sofia and specialized in children’s toys. Steliyana holds a degree in graphic arts, which is how she developed her love for children’s illustration.

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