Ten Questions to Ask Every Time You Read the Bible


How do you study Scripture?

Ask these ten questions every time you read the Bible.

Reading the Bible by yourself can be intimidating. Knowing how to study Scripture is a skill. Think of this book as a guide to read along with the Bible. It is a guide full of questions to ask yourself to improve this skill. Each question can be applied as you read or meditate on a verse or section. Whether you’re a new or seasoned reader of Scripture, you can use this book to grow your confidence in your study.

Ten Questions to Ask Every Time You Read the Bible will be available to order in October 2022.

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Inside the Book

Each question has a dedicated chapter divided into three sections:

  • Explanation of the question’s importance and how it deepens Bible fluency
  • Example texts where the author applies the question to specific sections of Scripture
  • Bible passages for the reader to practice applying the question
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Making sense of [the Bible] on your own can be intimidating. . . . This book brilliantly offers key, direct questions to experience the life, complexity, and beauty held in God’s Word with the integrity and humanity that the text demands. In asking these ten questions of the Scriptures and of ourselves, we’ll never run out of depth in answering the question “Who are You, Lord?” Shelly Schwalm, university ministry associate at Concordia University, St. Paul

Andrew offers us something incredibly beautiful and hopeful in his book. . . . He guides us with wonderfully crafted questions that invite us to go deeper with God’s Word and live out our hope in Christ with a renewed spirit. Tanner Olson, author, poet, and speaker

We live in a time of soundbites, summaries, and short-form content. While there are advantages to this style of communication, it also brings with it weakness. We rarely ask questions about origin, context, or accurate application. . . . Andrew Jones tactfully teaches readers how to properly engage the Bible so as to rightly be acquainted with the words of life. Marcus “FLAME” Gray, Grammy-nominated Christian rap artist and Concordia Seminary graduate

Meet the Author

Andrew R. Jones lives in the Bay Area, where he enjoys writing, hiking, and adventuring with his wife, Stephanie. He has served the Church on three continents in varying roles, including campus ministry, international mission work, professor of preaching, and parish pastor. His writings speak to the importance of spiritual disciplines in the midst of a hectic world.


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